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Wellness Exams

Annual wellness exams are an integral part of your pet’s ongoing veterinary care. We are often able to identify subclinical issues before they become serious and discuss various preventative medicine options such as flea & tick prevention, behaviour issues and nutrition. Wellness exams are fundamental in building a positive experience for your pet. Ask us how we can help if your pet is nervous in these situations!


Vaccination protocols change relative to your pets age and specific risk factors. Core vaccines are recommended for all pets but yours may require additional coverage depending on your lifestyle and exposure to wildlife or other pets.

Sick Visits

Docs on the Bay offers onsite diagnostics including digital radiography, ultrasound, onsite blood testing and works with a variety of referral specialists to ensure your pet receives the level of care pet owners have come to expect.

House Calls

House calls make life easier for a variety of reasons and we are pleased to be able to provide this service for routine visits and end of life care when needed.

Telehealth Visits

COVID has made virtual veterinary care a valuable tool and we are able to provide this service when appropriate such as post-surgery checkups, behavioural consultations and follow-ups. Clients must have been seen in the clinic within the past 12 months for this option under current regulations.  If we can manage this level of technology, rest assured you can too!

Routine Surgery

Our doctors have decades of experience performing routine soft tissue surgeries including spays and neuters. Pets are examined prior, receive pre and post-surgery pain medication and are monitored consistently by our trained technicians.


As with humans, oral care is paramount to ageing well and minimizing inflammation in the body. We offer full dental radiographs, ultrasonic cleaning and surgical extractions with post-operative pain packages.

Emergency Services

Docs on the Bay handles daytime emergencies on site at 108 Sophia St in St Andrews during regular business hours. As of June 2022, after hours emergencies will be directed to the Port City Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Parkway Mall (off Majors Brook Dr.)
​212 McAllister Drive, Unit 130A
Saint John, NB, Canada
These emergency professionals also offer 24 veterinary support for intensive care situations. Information is shared between clinics to ensure continuity of care.
When calling Docs after hours, press 1 in the event of emergency and your call will be transferred to Port City Emergency Veterinary Hospital or press 2 for a call back during regular business hours for an information call.

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