Frequently Asked

How often should my pet visit the vet?

Wellness exams should happen at least annually and more frequently if pets are greater than 7 years of age or have chronic conditions that require medications.

My pet hates the vet! How can you help?

Docs on the Bay wants to work with you to make the necessary visits less stressful for everyone. Please call ahead and discuss with us if your pet is exceptionally distressed about car rides or clinic visits. We have options! We can offer telehealth consults when appropriate and prescribe medications to reduce anxiety and reactivity. We encourage lots of “happy visits” to desensitize your pets to the clinic. Come hop on the scale, get a treat and enjoy the attention without any stress.

We also suggest that your pet perhaps skip a meal and bring some extra special treats to focus on for the visit as a distraction and to help create a positive experience.

What if my pet has an emergency?

Docs on the Bay handles daytime emergencies on site at 108 Sophia St in St Andrews during regular business hours. As of June 2022, after hours emergencies will be directed to the Port City Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Parkway Mall (off Majors Brook Dr.)
​212 McAllister Drive, Unit 130A
Saint John, NB, Canada
These emergency professionals also offer 24 veterinary support for intensive care situations. Information is shared between clinics to ensure continuity of care.
When calling Docs after hours, press 1 in the event of emergency and your call will be transferred to Port City Emergency Veterinary Hospital or press 2 for a call back during regular business hours for an information call.

Is pet insurance necessary?

Pet insurance can provide valuable peace of mind that financial decisions will not be the primary concern in the event of an accident or illness. We accept a variety of insurance programs that can be tailored to your budget and needs. The best time to purchase a policy is as a pup or kitten before any conditions that could be excluded are identified.

Can I book an appointment online?

We offer convenient online booking available 24-7 for most appointments. If your pet is in need of immediate or emergency care you will be directed to contact the clinic or emergency line. You can select your doctor and see available appointment times.

Resources for pet care

New Brunswick Veterinary Medical Association
Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
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